Selected Poems

To appear. “Still Life of My Apartment on a Winter Morning.” Paper Brigade.

To appear. “Midrash on Sunan an-Nasa’i 736.” The Metaworker.

To appear. “The Birk” and “A Prayer Beuk.” Eemis Stane.

2024. “Zaliv Vozvratseniya” and “The Poet Drunkenly Remonstrates with High Tide.” Jet Fuel Review 27 (Spring).

             “This Late Summer Light.” Ghost Light Lit 1: 45.

             “Correspondence.” Belfast Review 1: 33.

             “Transmigration” and “Daphne.” So to Speak 33: 77–9.

             “Cardamom.” In Secrets in the Garden, edited by Nat Raum. Fifth Wheel Press.

             “Flight.” The Primer 4.

2023. “Alice” and “That Cancer You Know Turns Down a Trip to the Seaside.” Twin Bird Review 1.2.

             “When the Rockets Fall.” Topical Poetry (5 November).

             “January Evening.” Crowstep 5.

             “Saint Anthony Falls.” River Mouth Review 14.

             “Simchat Torah, 5784.” Topical Poetry (22 October).

             “Dialectics.” Trasna (Fall).

             “Eagles” and “Sometimes I Think about Learning Ossetian.” Moist (20 August).

             .היימיש: 45-9 היים איז אַן איינהייט פֿון ווײַטקייט“.

            “The Ballad of Éeya Point.” Crow & Cross Keys (1 March).

            “October Morning.” Rust & Moth (Spring).

            “Barnstorming.” Maenad 1.

            “Late Efternuin at the Hermitage” and “The Covenant o the Pieces.” Eemis Stane 2: 7-8.

            “At the Edge of Sleep.”Crow & Cross Keys (25 January).

2022. “On Being Jewish in Post-Roe America.” Limp Wrist 8.

            “סכין / Scian.” In An Áitiúil, edited by Helen Jenks, Úna Nolan, Jack McGee, and Tomás Clancy, pp. 83–4. The Madrigal & The Martello.

            “To My Future Reader.” The Jupiter Review 4: 53–5.

            “When People Tell Me I’m ‘Still the Same Person’.” Renard Press. [Spectrum anthology longlist.]

            “Teaching My Son from Memories of My Father’s Astronomy.” In The Truth Is in the Stars, edited by Nat Raum. Fifth Wheel Press.

            “Passing.” So to Speak (Summer). [Pushcart Prize nominee.]

2019. “Anaith a Pyne.” Lallans 95 (Yuil).

2016. “A Prayer Upon My Recitations” and “Az-Zahra.” Vahid 2 (Spring): 18, 21.

2014. “Early Morn.” The Exhibit 2 (May).

            “A Pastor Explains the Cold War to a Child.” Triggerfish Critical Review 12: 6.

2013. “Sol Victus.” Almanac de Interlingua 44 (August): 1.

            “The Koi Pond.” Symmetry Pebbles (26 June).

            “Memoroj de alia mond’.” Esperantista Tribuno 27, no. 1: 19. [First prize in the EKRA-2013 International Literary Competition. Also published in Literatura Foiro.]

            “Hyperborea.” Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts & Letters 3, no. 1-2 (Fall/Spring): 11.

2012. “Pharmacopoeia.” in/words 12, no. 1 (Fall): 3.

            “Sample 70215, 84.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal 16. [Highly Recommended, Cha “Encountering” Poetry Contest.]

2011. “Morning moon dissolves…” Asahi Shimbun (17 November).

            “Nanoj.” Sennaciulo 11–12: 34.


2023. “A Day [אַ טאָג]” (by Rashel Veprinski). Trinity Journal of Literary Translation 11.2: 79–80.

2022. “O, My Language [אָ, מיין שפּראַך]” (by Rashel Veprinski) and “The Levy [צו שטייער]” (by Khane Levin). Alchemy: A Journal of Translation 20.

            “Selections from Yidishe dikhterins.” In geveb (9 March). (Comprised of “The Other Side of the Wall [פון יענער זייט וואַנט]” by Dine Libkes and “We March [מיר שפּאַנען]” and “Snitkov [סניטקאָוו]” by Hinde Roytblat, with an introductory essay.) [Best Literary Translations finalist.]

2012. “Longing [Sehnsucht],” “The Summer Was… [Der Sommer war…],” “Fall [Herbst],” “Sunday Afternoon [Sontagnachmittag],” “To Gladys [An Gladys],” “Pleasure/Desire [Lust],” “The Poet [Der Dichter],” “Café [Cafe],” “Homeward [Gen Haus],” “The Evening [Der Abend],” “August Night [Augustnacht],” “The Separation [Die Trennung]” (by Ernst Blass). Pilvax: Writing from Central Europe 8: 30–5.

2011. “A Poem for Eugène Carrière” (by Paul Verlaine). The Mountain Astrologer 159: 80.