Events & Media

2023. “Make It Personal (Ghosts 2) with Room Writers Reyzl Grace & Annette C. Boehm.” Interview by Rachel Thompson. Write, Publish, and Shine 81.

            “Crossdressing Languages and Trans Zeitgeist in the Yiddish Poetry of Khane Levin.” Digital poster presented at Moving Trans History Forward, online, 1 April.

            “אומטעריטאָריאַלישקייט, נאָכשמועסשפּראַכלעכקייט, און די אַנטראָפּאָצען : ייִדיש ווי אַ צוקונפֿט פֿאַר אַנדערע שפּראַכן [Nonterritoriality, Postvernacularity, and the Anthropocene: Yiddish as a Future for Other Languages].” In די צוקונפֿט פֿון ייִדישע לימודים [The Future of Yiddish Studies], chaired by Miriam Chorley-Schulz. Panel held in Yiddish at Farbindungen: A Graduate Conference on Yiddish Networks, online, 20 February.

2022. “Local Circulation Policies as Barriers for Readers of Non-territorial Languages.” Presented at the LACUNY Institute, online, 12 May.

            “‘Every Book Its Reader’ : Rethinking Linguistic Equity in the Library for the Digital Age.” Presented at Minitex Connect, online, 4 May.

            “Politicocultural Factors for Yiddish Attrition in Urban Minnesota, 1915–1955.” Presented at Farbindungen: A Graduate Conference on Yiddish Networks, online, 21 February.

2021. “Choosing Formats for Accessible E-books and E-journals: An EPUB3/HTML5 Case Study.” Presented at the Library Publishing Forum, online, 12 May.

            “Altmetrics for National and Global Security.” Presented as part of “Metrics 2020: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research” in conjunction with the ASIS&T 83rd Annual Meeting, online, 22 October.

2020. “Art and the ‘Inner Idea’ of Esperanto.” Presented as part of “K is for Kato: A Book Launch and Conversation with Margaret Salmon and Race MoChridhe,” organized and hosted by Dundee Contemporary Arts, online, 19 November.

            “Skotlando tra verdtinkturaj okulvitroj: eksterlanda vidpunkto pri la regno per la Movado” (Scotland through Green-Tinted Glasses: A Foreign Perspective on the Kingdom through the Movement).] Presented at the 115th congress of the Scottish Esperanto Association, online, 30 May.

            “LPC Community in Conversation: Let’s Discuss Publishing Platforms.” Session co-organized and co-hosted with Ally Laird and Amanda Hurford at the Library Publishing Forum, online, 6 May.

            “How to ‘Publish Online…’ : Web-based Outputs Beyond PDF and EPUB.” Poster presented at the Library Publishing Forum, online, 6 May.

2019. “Outside the WordPress/Drupal/Joomla Box: Considerations for Choosing a CMS in the 21st-century Library.” Presented at the Louisiana Virtual Academic Library Conference, online, 7 November.

            “Defining Digital Theology: Barthian Reflections on the Role of Open Access and Electronic Publishing in the Theological Toolkit.” Poster presented at Atla Annual, Vancouver, BC, 13 June.

            “Altmetrics for Energy Research.” Presented at Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library, Los Alamos, NM, 11 March.

2018. “Applications of Interlinguistics for Improving Interoperability and Stability of Metadata in Linked Open Data Environments.” Presented at The Future of Cataloguing: RDA, Linked Data, and More, Amigos Library Services Online Conference, 8 November.

            “Implications of the Deep Web for Academic Libraries.” In The Web is Lovely, Dark, and Deep: A Shallow Dive Beneath the Surface, chaired by Suzanne Hunt. Panel held at the conference of the Minnesota Library Association, St. Cloud, MN, 11 October.