On my first day at a new job while still in library school, I was asked to introduce myself to the department. No sooner had I finished than a new colleague from the admin office across the hall narrowed her eyes with a skeptical smile. “You’re pretty outgoing for a librarian, aren’t you?”

Indeed I am. I am a versatile, multilingual editor, writer, and designer with experience at every stage of the print and digital lifecycle, from publishing acquisitions to library collection weeding. Books or periodicals, print or digital, for children or adults—my love of publishing as craft is reflected in everything I do, from the first storyboard to the last leading. Informed by expertise at the intersections of critical librarianship and applied linguistics, my track record of research, advocacy, and service around the literary community and publishing industry also reflects my determination to advance DEIA, with a special emphasis on LGBTQIA+ inclusion and linguistic equity for speakers of minoritized languages.

Oh, and I write poems, too.

The best way to learn more about all my endeavours is by joining me for a cup of coffee whenever you happen to be in the Twin Cities. The next best is to drop me a line here or on Twitter.

            — Reyzele