Selected Poems

To appear. “October Morning.” Rust & Moth.

To appear. “The Ballad of Éeya Point.” Crow & Cross Keys.

To appear. “היים איז אַן איינהייט פֿון ווײַטקייט..היימיש

2023. “Barnstorming.” Maenad 1.

            “Late Efternuin at the Hermitage” and “The Covenant o the Pieces.” Eemis Stane 2.

            “At the Edge of Sleep.”Crow & Cross Keys (25 January).

2022. “On Being Jewish in Post-Roe America.” Limp Wrist 8.

            “סקין / Scian.” In An Áitiúil, edited by Helen Jenks, Úna Nolan, Jack McGee, and Tomás Clancy, pp. 83–4. The Madrigal & The Martello.

            “To My Future Reader.” The Jupiter Review 4: 53–5.

            “When People Tell Me I’m ‘Still the Same Person’.” Renard Press. [Spectrum anthology longlist.]

            “Teaching My Son from Memories of My Father’s Astronomy.” In The Truth Is in the Stars, edited by Nat Raum. Fifth Wheel Press.

            “Passing.” So to Speak (Summer). [Pushcart Prize nominee.]

2019. “Anaith a Pyne.” Lallans 95 (Yuil).

2016. “A Prayer Upon My Recitations” and “Az-Zahra.” Vahid 2 (Spring): 18, 21.

2014. “Early Morn.” The Exhibit 2 (May).

            “A Pastor Explains the Cold War to a Child.” Triggerfish Critical Review 12: 6.

2013. “Sol Victus.” Almanac de Interlingua 44 (August): 1.

            “The Koi Pond.” Symmetry Pebbles (26 June).

            “Memoroj de alia mond’.” Esperantista Tribuno 27, no. 1: 19. [First prize in the EKRA-2013 International Literary Competition. Also published in Literatura Foiro.]

            “Hyperborea.” Assisi: An Online Journal of Arts & Letters 3, no. 1-2 (Fall/Spring): 11.

2012. “Pharmacopoeia.” in/words 12, no. 1 (Fall): 3.

            “Sample 70215, 84.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal 16. [Highly Recommended, Cha “Encountering” Poetry Contest.]

2011. “Morning moon dissolves…” Asahi Shimbun (17 November).

            “Nanoj.” Sennaciulo 11–12: 34.


2022. “O, My Language [אָ, מיין שפּראַך]” (by Rashel Veprinski) and “The Levy [צו שטייער]” (by Khane Levin). Alchemy: A Journal of Translation 20.

            “Selections from Yidishe dikhterins.” In geveb (9 March). (Comprised of “The Other Side of the Wall [פון יענער זייט וואַנט]” by Dine Libkes and “We March [מיר שפּאַנען]” and “Snitkov [סניטקאָוו]” by Hinde Roytblat, with an introductory essay.)

2012. “Longing [Sehnsucht],” “The Summer Was… [Der Sommer war…],” “Fall [Herbst],” “Sunday Afternoon [Sontagnachmittag],” “To Gladys [An Gladys],” “Pleasure/Desire [Lust],” “The Poet [Der Dichter],” “Café [Cafe],” “Homeward [Gen Haus],” “The Evening [Der Abend],” “August Night [Augustnacht],” “The Separation [Die Trennung]” (by Ernst Blass). Pilvax: Writing from Central Europe 8: 30–5.

2011. “A Poem for Eugène Carrière” (by Paul Verlaine). The Mountain Astrologer 159: 80.